Launched: Renewals Executive Coaching

A year ago on this day, I started Renewals Coaching! Today, I’m beyond excited to announce that I’m launching Renewals Executive Coaching, designed to focus on the organizational culture and performance needs and concerns of formal leaders.  This service expansion continues its core objective of working with people seeking support while working in dysfunctional workplaces, withContinue reading “Launched: Renewals Executive Coaching”

Three Ways to (Re-)Establish Clarity Between Your Work and Personal Life

Happy New Year, Renewers! More of us are heading back to our workplaces this week – or have already returned and are anticipating a distinctive return to “pre-holiday operations.” You don’t have to rejoin/uphold expectations or implications of overwork (or the feelings of uncertainty or perfectionism that come along with them)! Here are three thingsContinue reading “Three Ways to (Re-)Establish Clarity Between Your Work and Personal Life”

Book Haul: Hustle Culture Resistance

x Grace, M. (2018). How to not always be working: A toolkit for creativity and radical self-care. New York: Morrow Gift. Harris, M. (2014). The end of absence: Reclaiming what we’ve lost in a world of constant connection. New York: Current. Hersey, T. (2022). Rest is resistance: A nap manifesto. New York: Little, Brown Spark. Jaffe, S.Continue reading “Book Haul: Hustle Culture Resistance”

Renewals Reach: Toxic Positivity in Librarianship

Contextualizing the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, which have combined and augmented the previously established cultural, economic, and political gaps in library workplaces, Virginia Moran and Talia Nadir discuss the convergence of toxic positivity, resilience narratives, and vocational awe in their invited paper for the Association of College & Research Libraries’ 2021 Conference. NotingContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Toxic Positivity in Librarianship”

Report: Keynote at the Society of Georgia Archivists Annual Meeting (October 2022)

Late last month I offered a virtual keynote to the Society of Georgia Archivists at their 2022 Annual Meeting. Their theme, “Sustaining Practices: Practical Solutions for the Future” included attendee interest in the rise in burnout, and not surprisingly, the connections to self-care. I wanted to gather and share some context of what’s going onContinue reading “Report: Keynote at the Society of Georgia Archivists Annual Meeting (October 2022)”

Renewals Reach: Pleasantness in Libraries

A phenomenological study was created to discover user expectations of academic libraries and compare them to consumer behaviors in shopping malls. The authors found similarities linking pleasant experiences in both spaces. The 2017 low morale study was noted for its methodology. Read the article (paywall).

Red Flag: Problematic Leadership Behaviors

The 2017, 2019, and 2021 low-morale studies all reveal and/or validate that the behaviors of formal leaders often are central to the onset and/or proliferation of low-morale experiences in modern workplaces. There are particular leadership styles that are more likely to cause or exacerbate workplace abuse and neglect; the following qualitative data highlight tactics ofContinue reading “Red Flag: Problematic Leadership Behaviors”

Report Update: Share Your Story (September 2022)

I continue collecting low-morale experience narratives from people who work in various types of library workplaces. Below are updated data (n=127). You may also review an earlier report of this dataset. 37% of respondents are experienced librarians/archivists; 26% are mid-career librarians/archivists; 31% are new librarians/archivists. 64% are currently dealing with low-morale. 35% of these incidentsContinue reading “Report Update: Share Your Story (September 2022)”

Book Haul: Somatics

Low-morale experiences are predicated on long-term exposure to abuse and neglect, and this exposure also impacts the body.  From the flight-(freeze) or-flight response stemming from the trigger event and acute stomach knots connected to work dread, to long-term weight gain, muscle tightness, chronic fatigue, or sleep loss, the somatic connections from this phenomenon are undeniable. Continue reading “Book Haul: Somatics”

Report: Low Morale at Unionized Library Workplaces – Part 2 (August 2022)

In an earlier post, I shared the latest quantitative data from my data collection project on the role/impact of library/organization unions during low-morale experiences. This post shares quantitative data from the project (n=26). (52% of respondents did not report instances of abuse or neglect to their union rep). If you did not report the abuse,Continue reading “Report: Low Morale at Unionized Library Workplaces – Part 2 (August 2022)”