About Us

Our Mission

Renewals reconnects people and organizations to their purpose, creates empathetic strategies, and centers positive and wholehearted outcomes for the long-term improvement, integrity, and humanity of our workplaces.

About Us

Our Values

Empathy & Compassion – Recognizing and honoring the complexities and interconnections of human experience.

Authenticity & Self-Respect – Encouraging the human need for clear expression and self-preservation.

Courage & Dignity – Supporting inclusive pathways for voice-finding, advocacy, and ethical decision-making.

Creativity & Well-Being – Promoting mindful and deliberate channels to physical and mental health, rest and leisure, collective and individual joy, and personal improvement.

What We Do

Facilitation & Coaching

We lead trainings and offer career and leadership coaching for pathways to reinvigorated workplace morale, empathetic leadership, career clarity, and well-being.


We kindle vision and promote engaged dialogue on organizational culture and inclusion, leadership, employee engagement, self-preservation, and collective care.


What People Say

Kaetrena’s gift is providing language and frameworks to describe common low morale workplace experiences so that we can redress these situations and create a more humane workplace.” – Wendy Holliday, Dean, Stewart Library, Weber State University

Renewal Seminar attendees described Kendrick’s presentation as ‘awesome,’ ‘inspiring,’ ‘excellent,’ and ‘engaging.’ ALAO would highly recommend Kendrick as a speaker for events and programs.– Mandi Goodsett, Academic Library Association of Ohio President

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