Recorded: Library Leadership Podcast (November 2021)

Library Leadership Podcast host Adriane Juarez recently invited me to discuss my low-morale studies and how they can inform formal library leaders who want to improve their organization’s cultures, as well as some impact factors that may be influencing their own experiences. Listen to the episode.

Recorded: Library Responses to COVID-19: Impacts on Ongoing Low-morale Experiences

In June 2020, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine invited me to reprise my #LIBREV(olution) presentation, so I shared updated data from my  Low Morale Experience/COVID-19 (Coronavirus) survey.  At the end of the session, attendees asked great questions from the role of anti-racism activity in reducing low morale in libraries to how to bringContinue reading “Recorded: Library Responses to COVID-19: Impacts on Ongoing Low-morale Experiences”

Recorded: @mindfulinlis

Enjoy my interview (originally released in May 2020) with Amanda Leftwich, the founder of @mindfulinlis. I share the markers of low-morale experiences and discuss best practices for leaders (that means you – with or without a title) to reduce workplace abuse and neglect in their workplaces. View this post on Instagram A post shared byContinue reading “Recorded: @mindfulinlis”

Recorded: LibVoices Podcast

LibVoices hosts Amanda M. Leftwich, Jamia Williams, and Jamillah R. Gabriel interviewed me about how I decided to become a librarian. I also share ideas about the implementation of equity, diversity, and inclusion values, work-life balance, and how ego helps workplace abuse and neglect continue. “Wants keep you stuck. They are a part of self-supposition:Continue reading “Recorded: LibVoices Podcast”

Recorded: #LIBREV(olution)/#LIBRESILIENCE

In May 2020, I offered a presentation as part of the #LIBRESILIENCE/#LIBREV(olution) free online conference. The presentation, titled “Library responses to COVID-19: Impacts on ongoing low-morale experiences,” offers information about the low-morale experiences and shares data from my open survey centering library responses to COVID-19 and those responses’ impact on already established low-morale experiences. YouContinue reading “Recorded: #LIBREV(olution)/#LIBRESILIENCE”

Recorded: National Network of Libraries of Medicine Panel Session

In April 2020 I joined National Network of the Libraries of Medicine representative Bobbi L. Newman, along with co-panelists Jenn Carson, Madeleine Charney, Fobazi Ettarh, Amanda Leftwich, and Eamon Tewell to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on library employees and best practices for counteracting these impacts.  No doubt some of these names are familiarContinue reading “Recorded: National Network of Libraries of Medicine Panel Session”

Recorded: Southeast Online Collaborative Conference

The Southeast Collaborative Online Conference organizers invited me to present for their inaugural virtual conference. The group includes the state libraries of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. This webinar offers a review of low morale and shares data from all three of my low morale studies (the published study on academic librarians, theContinue reading “Recorded: Southeast Online Collaborative Conference”

Recorded: “Lost in the Stacks” (March 2018)

Earlier this year in mid-March, I was interviewed by the folks at “Lost in the Stacks,” a radio show that airs on the Georgia Institute of Technology’s (GT) student-run WREK station. The show features alternative rock-and-roll music that relates to the show’s topic. In between sets, you’ll hear my discussion with hosts Charlie Bennett andContinue reading “Recorded: “Lost in the Stacks” (March 2018)”