Report Update: Academic Library Low Morale Spot-Check Survey Results (January 2022)

Since 2018, I’ve been gathering and reporting information on the up-t0-the-moment concerns academic librarians have been considering during their low-morale experiences (you may review previous reports here, here, and here). A secondary purpose of this data collection project is to offer people a place to share anonymously their immediate concerns about their low-morale experience orContinue reading “Report Update: Academic Library Low Morale Spot-Check Survey Results (January 2022)”

Published Low Morale Studies

This post reflects a record of the published studies I’ve done on low-morale experiences. It will be updated as studies are published, so bookmark this post if you’re following my research agenda on this phenomenon. Kendrick, K.D. (2023). The cornered office: A qualitative study of low-morale experiences in formal library leaders. Journal of Library Administration. doi: 10.1080/01930826.2023.2177924Continue reading “Published Low Morale Studies”

Low Morale Frameworks

While the low-morale experience is a unique phenomenon, it can be housed within several frameworks, some of which are distinctive to helping professions like librarianship, and others that are found in the general workforce.  Ambiguous Loss – a loss that occurs without a significant likelihood of reaching emotional closure or a clear understanding. (Boss 2000; See Also, lowContinue reading “Low Morale Frameworks”

New MiniBlog Series: Renewals Book Haul

As a practicing librarian – and also throughout my work surfacing low-morale experiences – I’ve come across several books that have not only illuminated my studies’ qualitative data, but provided deep context into the mental, physical, and emotional impacts of the phenonemon.  I’d like to share what I’ve found, so I’m starting an intermittent mini-blogContinue reading “New MiniBlog Series: Renewals Book Haul”

Ongoing Low Morale Data Collection

I’ve been studying the development and impact of low-morale experiences since 2016, and my work also includes data collection for kaleidoscopic aspects of this phenomenon. From people’s encounters with workplace abuse and neglect to dealing with the impacts of the experience while looking for work – or even how the experience has been influenced byContinue reading “Ongoing Low Morale Data Collection”

Published: Leaving Low Morale Study

My study focusing on how people decide to leave low-morale experiences/organizations – and how the experience influences behavior when employees go to new workplaces – has been published Open Access (OA) in Alki, the Washington Library Association’s official journal. 

Report Update: BIPOC, Low Morale, & COVID-19 (February 2021)

Last April I shared Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)- centered results of my ongoing survey on the impact of COVID-19 on low-morale experiences. As a follow-up – and in tandem with a recent Renewal Presentation I hosted for the African-American Medical Librarians Alliance (AAMLA) – I am sharing updated data to highlight theContinue reading “Report Update: BIPOC, Low Morale, & COVID-19 (February 2021)”

Report Update: Low Morale and COVID-19, Part 2 (September 2020)

This is the second of a two-part report summarizing the latest results of my ongoing survey on the impact of COVID-19 on ongoing low-morale experiences. This second part centers qualitative data. Please view the first part focusing on quantitative data. Please share your experience(s) of increased abuse/neglect during the COVID-19 pandemic: A lot of libraryContinue reading “Report Update: Low Morale and COVID-19, Part 2 (September 2020)”

Report Update: Low Morale and COVID-19, Part 1 (September 2020)

In March 2020 I shared qualitative and quantitative data from my ongoing survey exploring how people who were already dealing with low-morale before the development of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States have been impacted by COVID-19.  As a result, this report and future report concerning this survey’s data will only reflect the responsesContinue reading “Report Update: Low Morale and COVID-19, Part 1 (September 2020)”

Recorded: Library Responses to COVID-19: Impacts on Ongoing Low-morale Experiences

In June 2020, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine invited me to reprise my #LIBREV(olution) presentation, so I shared updated data from my  Low Morale Experience/COVID-19 (Coronavirus) survey.  At the end of the session, attendees asked great questions from the role of anti-racism activity in reducing low morale in libraries to how to bringContinue reading “Recorded: Library Responses to COVID-19: Impacts on Ongoing Low-morale Experiences”