Reflect. Reset. Rebound.

Renewals offers a suite of empathetic career, coaching, consulting, and facilitation services focused on promoting employee empowerment, improving organizational performance and inclusion, and encouraging communities of collective care.

Coaching & Career Services

The Renewals Coaching Program

A four-week program guiding people through targeted aspects of their low-morale experiences and encouraging identification and application of emotional hygiene and self-preservation tools,

Renewals Coaching Sessions

Monthly or bi-monthly career or workplace coaching sessions supporting people who want ongoing insight and accountability as they solidify new behaviors and create positive career or organizational change.

Renewals Executive Coaching

Monthly or bi-monthly leadership coaching sessions supporting formal leaders seeking connection, perspective, and accountability as they focus on organizational culture, inclusion, and  employee well-being.

Renewals Relaunch

Individualized, engaged résumé and/or cover letter review for people seeking employment or advancement opportunities in their established field or a new industry.

Renewals Coaching is the best investment I’ve ever made in my career. Kaetrena is the most highly skilled, knowledgeable, and caring coach. She helped me face my fears and make peace with [my last organization] before pursuing another.” – B.T. Renewals Coaching Client

Consulting Services

The Renewals Roundtable

Strategic executive/leadership support for groups to signal readiness to reflect on legacy and contemporary workplace culture, create new expectations, and implement accountable pathways to change for empathetic, informed, inclusive, and improved organizational performance.

The information Kaetrena shared on the low-morale experiences of administrators was extremely informative and helpful. The information about the various impact factors was new to me and provides me with a better understanding of what administrators are experiencing.” – Renewals Colloquium Participant

Facilitation & Public Speaking

Renewals facilitation events and public speaking are research=based and offer attendees varying levels of engagement designed for expanded understanding of low-morale development, including associated behaviors and frameworks. Attendees will also be able to identify, reflect, or consider emerging and established countermeasures for reduced workplace morale. Attendee pre-work is required for Renewals facilitated events.

The Renewal Presentation

An introductory session offering groups a basic introduction to the causes, development, outcomes, and countermeasures against low morale. This one-hour pathway stimulates reflection on experience and action.

The Renewal Colloquium

A pathway offering groups a more in-depth look into low morale’s development, and impacts, , Countermeasures are also explored more deeply. This two-hour pathway includes intentional opportunities for Q & A.

The Renewal Seminar

A reflective pathway for groups to increase their awareness of the intersections of low morale’s associated frameworks, development and outcomes, as well as basic application of countermeasures. This two-hour pathway includes participation in targeted discussions..

The Renewal Workshop

A good choice for groups that are ready to positively transform their culture or more deeply identify, model, and support positive changes in their employees or members. This four-hour pathway includes in-depth reflective exercises along with participatory group work, activities, or discussions.

The Renewal Wrap-Up

This 45-minute informally facilitated live event happens no less than three weeks after a Renewal Seminar or Workshop. Attendees to the original event engage in intentional discussions about how they have integrated what they’ve learned into their daily workplace practices.

Public Speaking

We offer engaging and inspiring discussions centering aspects of workplace morale, including employee empowerment and well-being, effective communication, leadership, creativity, diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, collective care and mutual aid, and more.

Hearing Kaetrena speak, as well as the responses of other attendees was truly eye-opening in terms of how wide-spread these low-morale instances and causes are.” – Renewal Presentation attendee

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