The Renewal Workshop

The Renewal Workshop invites attendees to intentionally deepen understanding of their low-morale experiences as defined in Kendrick’s 2017 study (i.e., repeated and protracted exposure to workplace abuse and neglect). Renewal Workshops are a good choice for organizations who are ready to positively transform their culture or more deeply support positive changes in their employees or members.

Intensive pre-workshop readings, assessments, and in-depth reflective exercises, along with on-site participatory group work and discussions, will help attendees:

  • Make sense of their low morale experience(s);
  • Identify, reduce, or interrupt the role of professional, occupational and systemic barriers to resolving low morale;
  • Identify and cultivate leadership behaviors that decrease low morale in workplace environments; and
  • Create and engage with a collegial community to increase best practices in applying workplace civility, honing humane leadership skills, applying positive communication strategies, promoting workplace wellness, and encouraging self-empowerment.

Topics addressed in Workshops vary, and include: 

  • Workplace toxicity 
  • Civility
  • Enabling Systems of low morale
  • Leadership styles
  • Communication Strategies
  • Associated frameworks of low morale
  • Library employee value
  • Mental health impacts
  • and more.

Workshops are offered in 4-hour time slots. Download a brochure and request more information today.

A presentation, colloquium, and seminar  are also available.

Renewal Workshop Hosts Include:



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