The Renewal Colloquium

The Renewal Colloquium encourages attendees to informally discuss, explore, and resolve questions about Kendrick’s low morale studies (Kendrick 2017; Kendrick & Damasco 2019; Kendrick, 2021) and/or their specific experiences of low morale.

Brief prep work is required, and this short facilitated discussion may cover:

  • Low-morale experience development;
  • The role of Library and Information Science (LIS)-based and workplace barriers to resolving low morale;
  • How organizational systems, workplace cultures, and/or LIS industry values and norms  intersect with low-morale experiences;
  • Behaviors that decrease low morale in workplace environments;
  • Emerging and established pathways workplace empowerment and improving individual choices and organizational culture;
  • and more.

Colloquia are offered in 60- to 75-minute time slots. Request more information today.

A presentation, seminar, and workshop are also available

Renewal Colloquium Hosts Include:



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