A MicroBlog Series: Red Flags

Red Flag (noun) : something that indicates or draws attention to a problem, danger, or irregularity. – Merriam-Webster Low-morale experience data and anecdotes highlight that, for a variety of reasons, victims often discount or ignore early warning signs that co-workers (including leaders, colleagues, or direct reports) or organizations are toxic and/or harbor or promote abusiveContinue reading “A MicroBlog Series: Red Flags”

Renewals Reach: lived experiences of toxic leadership

Walker and Watkins offer a qualitative study resulting in a model of toxic leadership informed by those who follow toxic leaders. The original study is cited as part of a global concern among those concerned with improving leadership in various workplaces.  Review the article (possible paywall).


Title: Caution! Hazardous substances: Recognizing and deflecting toxic personalities in the workplace. Authors: Terrence Bennett, Mollie Freire, and Ann Campion Riley. ABSTRACT:¬†Personality conflict in the workplace can lead to an ongoing work situation that is painful, personally difficult and uncomfortable through a special combination of factors. This presentation address some aspects of conflict in theContinue reading “#RecommendedReview”

The Blame Flame

“[U]nbeknownst to myself, I was blaming, you know, the library I worked in, and all the co-workers, and the college, and the drive to work, and the students, you know, all of this, and it was really, honestly, just [my abuser].” –¬† Low morale study participant (Female, public services librarian) “[The emotional abuse I suffered]Continue reading “The Blame Flame”