Renewals Reach: Technical labor

Lischer-Katz discusses the invisible labor of technical service work in libraries, specifically digitization work. He chronicles the mental and physical labor that is required for this work, highlighting the significant coordination required of both faculties to complete such work. The original low morale study is highlighted in Lischer-Katz’s discussion on expanding his study, noting thatContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Technical labor”

Renewals Reach: Racial/ethnic diversity in music technical librarianship

In a presentation at the 2019 Music Library Association Annual Meeting, music catalogers Treshani Perera, Monica Figueroa, and Rahni Kennedy – along with Special Collections/Archives leader Sandy Rodriguez – explored the ongoing challenges of diversity, equity, and inclusion in librarianship. They contextualize these challenges within the specialization of technical librarianship (e.g., cataloging, serials, acquisitions) andContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Racial/ethnic diversity in music technical librarianship”