Early Report: Low-Morale Experiences and COVID-19 (March 2020)

Earlier this evening I created and distributed an informal survey documenting if and how library responses to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) are impacting ongoing low-morale experiences. For expediency’s sake, I tweeted the survey’s nascent results. Future summaries of this survey data will be reported here at Renewals. The survey will remain open during the U.S. NationalContinue reading “Early Report: Low-Morale Experiences and COVID-19 (March 2020)”

Renewals Reach: Low Morale in Football?

Academic librarian and blogger La Loria Konata reflects on my low-morale study’s discussion of trigger events, maps it to the Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones’ sudden reversal on his – and his players’ – political activities, and considers the fallout. Click the image to read.