Report Update: Share Your Story (September 2022)

I continue collecting low-morale experience narratives from people who work in various types of library workplaces. Below are updated data (n=127). You may also review an earlier report of this dataset. 37% of respondents are experienced librarians/archivists; 26% are mid-career librarians/archivists; 31% are new librarians/archivists. 64% are currently dealing with low-morale. 35% of these incidentsContinue reading “Report Update: Share Your Story (September 2022)”

Report: Share Your Story Results (September 2019)

Since April 2018, I have been collecting stories of low-morale experiences from library employees from all kinds of libraries. The project, called “Share Your Story,” allows people a space to write down as much (or as little) about their most impactful incidents of workplace abuse and neglect as they want to; additionally, they are ableContinue reading “Report: Share Your Story Results (September 2019)”