Renewals Reach: Saying “No” at work.

In November 2018, Melanie Cassidy, Ali Versluis, and Erin Menzies hosted a roundtable at the Critical Librarianship & Pedagogy Symposium (University of Arizona). Their discussion, titled “Disrupting traditional power structures in academic libraries: Saying no, how to do it, and why it matters,”centers the framework of resilience narratives and how they are used against librariansContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Saying “No” at work.”


Title: Resilience, grit, and other lies: Academic libraries and the myth of resiliency. Authors: Angela Galvan, Jacob Berg, and Eamon Tewell. Supporting their 2018 research on resilience narratives, the authors share activities and then posit “resilience” and “grit” narratives and perspectives as tools that normalize employee oppression, reduction, and mistreatment in contemporary academic library workplaceContinue reading “#RecommendedReview”


Title: Less is not more: Rejecting resilience narratives for library workers. Author: Meredith Farkas. LEAD: I teach a course for San José (Calif.) State University’s School of Information on embedded librarianship in academic libraries. Some of the service models we explore in the class are very high-touch, and I was pleased this term that quiteContinue reading “#RecommendedReading”