Enabling Systems for Public Librarians

  For the past two months, I have been working diligently to analyze participant data from my public librarian low morale study. Again, the results have validated the causes and general development and trajectory of low morale; however, the data also reveal that public librarians have more Enabling Systems (ES) to deal with as theyContinue reading “Enabling Systems for Public Librarians”

Study Invitation: Low Morale in Public Librarians

UPDATE 12/18/18: This invitation is now closed. Thank you for your interest. Be sure to monitor this blog for study updates.   UPDATE 1/4/2021: This study has been published in the Open Access journal Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research. A recent study reveals that low morale is the result of repeated andContinue reading “Study Invitation: Low Morale in Public Librarians”