Report Update: Public Libraries Low Morale Spot-Check (July 2022)

In addition to collecting low-morale spot-check data for academic libraries, I’m also gathering spot-check data for public libraries – you can review earlier public library data here. Both surveys remain open, so please participate according to your current library workplace.  Since the original report, I’ve published a low-morale study focusing on public librarians. The followingContinue reading “Report Update: Public Libraries Low Morale Spot-Check (July 2022)”

Reserved: The Renewal Colloquium @Massachusetts Library Association Conference (May 2022)

On May 23, I’ll be leading The Renewal Colloquium during the Massachusetts Library Association‘s annual conference. The event will take place after the Opening Keynote/Spotlight Session where I’ll center low-morale experiences in public libraries (view the associated study). 

Impact Factors & Enabling Systems

The low-morale experience is one that moves through several stages, starting with a trigger event, moving forward to long-term exposure to instances of abuse and neglect, and then hopefully, successful resolution or mitigation. While the experience is launched by individual behaviors, it is also influenced and further propelled by external or internal factors and wide-spreadContinue reading “Impact Factors & Enabling Systems”

Ongoing Low Morale Data Collection

I’ve been studying the development and impact of low-morale experiences since 2016, and my work also includes data collection for kaleidoscopic aspects of this phenomenon. From people’s encounters with workplace abuse and neglect to dealing with the impacts of the experience while looking for work – or even how the experience has been influenced byContinue reading “Ongoing Low Morale Data Collection”

Recorded: Library Responses to COVID-19: Impacts on Ongoing Low-morale Experiences

In June 2020, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine invited me to reprise my #LIBREV(olution) presentation, so I shared updated data from my  Low Morale Experience/COVID-19 (Coronavirus) survey.  At the end of the session, attendees asked great questions from the role of anti-racism activity in reducing low morale in libraries to how to bringContinue reading “Recorded: Library Responses to COVID-19: Impacts on Ongoing Low-morale Experiences”

Interview: Library Journal (June 2020)

Lisa Peet, Library Journal‘s News Editor, interviewed me about my low morale study on public librarians, including the data that surprised me the most and how I take care of myself when doing this deep research. Read the interview. You can also read my 2019 Library Journal interview about my racial and ethnic minority low morale study.

Report: BIPOC Low-Morale Experience Assessment Survey (May 2020)

The inaugural session of my Library Juice Academy course, “Reimagining Workplace Empowerment: Reducing Low Morale for Minority Librarians,” is now in its third week. Students enrolled in the course were asked to participate in a quick Low-Morale Experience Assessment survey so we could get a quick gauge on what the landscape looks like for the cohort.Continue reading “Report: BIPOC Low-Morale Experience Assessment Survey (May 2020)”

Report: BIPOC, Low Morale, & COVID-19 (April 2020)

Late last month I shared quantitative and qualitative results of my ongoing survey on the impact of COVID-19 on low-morale experiences. As a follow-up – and to support the data I shared during this month’s two BIPOC in LIS Mental Health Summits – I am revisiting the data to highlight the responses and experiences ofContinue reading “Report: BIPOC, Low Morale, & COVID-19 (April 2020)”

Report Update: Low Morale and COVID-19, Part 2 (March 2020)

This is the second of a two-part report summarizing the latest results of my ongoing survey on the impact of COVID-19 on ongoing low-morale experiences. This second part centers qualitative data. Please view the first part focusing on quantitative data. Please share your experience(s) of increased abuse/neglect during the COVID-19 pandemic: Critical questions and emailsContinue reading “Report Update: Low Morale and COVID-19, Part 2 (March 2020)”

Recorded: Southeast Online Collaborative Conference

The Southeast Collaborative Online Conference organizers invited me to present for their inaugural virtual conference. The group includes the state libraries of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. This webinar offers a review of low morale and shares data from all three of my low morale studies (the published study on academic librarians, theContinue reading “Recorded: Southeast Online Collaborative Conference”