Reserved: Various (October 2023)

Next month I’ll be collaborating with several groups to discuss aspects of low morale and associated frameworks. Follow the links where available to learn more and/or register! October 4, 2023 | Universitas Indonesia (University of Indonesia) Library; 8;45A WIB: “Addressing Low-Morale Experience in Library and Information Workplace” October 11, 2023 | WebJunction; 3P EST: “Revitalizing …

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Renewals Reach: supervisor impact on morale

Kennedy and Garewal offer quantitative support to the role of formal leaders – in this case, supervisors – on academic librarian morale. Their objectives include gathering a quantitative foundation for measuring academic librarians’ workplace morale and analyzing variables that intersect with academic librarian morale and what supervisors influence. The study finds links between morale and …

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