Renewals Reach: Advocacy in middle management

Miller-Waltz, Hudson-Vitale, and Borrelli’s recorded Conference on Academic Library Management (CALM) Conference presentation shares the development and outcomes of a major physical revonation at their library and the associated challenges of the process. Employee reactions included those consistent with low morale; and the presenters, who are middle managers, noted the original 2017 low morale studyContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Advocacy in middle management”

Renewals Reach: supervisor impact on morale

Kennedy and Garewal offer quantitative support to the role of formal leaders – in this case, supervisors – on academic librarian morale. Their objectives include gathering a quantitative foundation for measuring academic librarians’ workplace morale and analyzing variables that intersect with academic librarian morale and what supervisors influence. The study finds links between morale andContinue reading “Renewals Reach: supervisor impact on morale”