Three Years Up

Today marks Renewals’ three-year anniversary (yesterday was the three-year anniversary of Renewers – Renewals’ connected Facebook community). I recognize that these events also are happening at one year into the COVID-19 Pandemic, and I am hopeful that national and global vaccination efforts will mean communities will be able to safely reconvene soon. In the meantime,Continue reading “Three Years Up”

Recorded: #LIBREV(olution)/#LIBRESILIENCE

In May 2020, I offered a presentation as part of the #LIBRESILIENCE/#LIBREV(olution) free online conference. The presentation, titled “Library responses to COVID-19: Impacts on ongoing low-morale experiences,” offers information about the low-morale experiences and shares data from my open survey centering library responses to COVID-19 and those responses’ impact on already established low-morale experiences. YouContinue reading “Recorded: #LIBREV(olution)/#LIBRESILIENCE”