Published Low Morale Studies

This post reflects a record of the published studies I’ve done on low-morale experiences. It will be updated as studies are published, so bookmark this post if you’re following my research agenda on this phenomenon. Kendrick, K.D. (2023). The cornered office: A qualitative study of low-morale experiences in formal library leaders.¬†Journal of Library Administration.¬†doi: 10.1080/01930826.2023.2177924Continue reading “Published Low Morale Studies”

Renewals Reach: Technical labor

Lischer-Katz discusses the invisible labor of technical service work in libraries, specifically digitization work. He chronicles the mental and physical labor that is required for this work, highlighting the significant coordination required of both faculties to complete such work. The original low morale study is highlighted in Lischer-Katz’s discussion on expanding his study, noting thatContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Technical labor”

Renewals Reach: Prestige and labor in LIS

Seale and Mirza discuss links between professionalism, credentialing, and precarious labor in academic librarianship and highlight how broader influences of neoliberalism, Whiteness, and concerns centering gender play in the formation of prestige and the implementation or subversion of labor in LIS. The original low morale study is mentioned within the context of neoliberalism and howContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Prestige and labor in LIS”

Recorded: Southeast Online Collaborative Conference

The Southeast Collaborative Online Conference organizers invited me to present for their inaugural virtual conference. The group includes the state libraries of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. This webinar offers a review of low morale and shares data from all three of my low morale studies (the published study on academic librarians, theContinue reading “Recorded: Southeast Online Collaborative Conference”

The List: Low-Morale Experience Studies

This post offers a running list of my published low-morale research. The original study (2017) and follow-up study (2019) may be behind paywalls, depending on your subscription-access to the journals. The latter studies (2021) are Open Access. Consider bookmarking this link if you’d like to follow along as my work continues. Thank you for yourContinue reading “The List: Low-Morale Experience Studies”