Published Low Morale Studies

This post reflects a record of the published studies I’ve done on low-morale experiences. It will be updated as studies are published, so bookmark this post if you’re following my research agenda on this phenomenon. Kendrick, K.D. (2023). The cornered office: A qualitative study of low-morale experiences in formal library leaders.¬†Journal of Library Administration.¬†doi: 10.1080/01930826.2023.2177924Continue reading “Published Low Morale Studies”

Renewals Reach: Job creep in special collections roles

Warren and Scoulas approach causes of burnout in special collecitons public access roles, citing that daily work often exceeds the duties outlined in formal job descriptions, along with how practitioners view these additional ephemeral work expectations.  Access the article (possible paywall)

Renewals Reach: Job ad analysis for Special Collections professionals

Warren and Scoulas delve into evolving job advertisements for special collections professionals working in public services; specifically, how these positions have changed and may invoke job creep, which can lead to burnout. Access the article (paywall).

Renewals Reach: Factors leading to academic librarian turnover

Fyn, Kaufman, Hosier, and Weber uncover factors that influence academic librarian turnover in their mixed methods study. Work environment, compensation and benefits, and personal factors were revealed to be the highest causes of dissatisfaction. Additionally, the data show that participants were “most dissatisfied with the morale in the library, followed by the library administration, andContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Factors leading to academic librarian turnover”

Renewals Reach: Library employee engagement

Jason Martin shares the results of his study on engagement levels in library employees. He applied the Utretcht Work Engagement Scale to discern factors of engagement, which is defined as “the opposite of burnout: energy, involvement, and high efficacy” (Martin 2019). The 2017 low morale study is cited in Martin’s literature review, along with Ettarh’sContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Library employee engagement”

The List: Low-Morale Experience Studies

This post offers a running list of my published low-morale research. The original study (2017) and follow-up study (2019) may be behind paywalls, depending on your subscription-access to the journals. The latter studies (2021) are Open Access. Consider bookmarking this link if you’d like to follow along as my work continues. Thank you for yourContinue reading “The List: Low-Morale Experience Studies”