Abusive Behaviors in Low-Morale Experiences

As I’ve continued gathering data about low-morale experiences, the originally reported abuse types have been consistent. The original abuse types are: Emotional abuse Verbal/written abuse System abuse Negligence (Kendrick 2017). These abuse types have been consistently reported in subsequent studies (Kendrick & Damasco 2019; Kendrick 2021a; Kendrick 2021b; Kendrick 2023) – and have expanded asContinue reading “Abusive Behaviors in Low-Morale Experiences”

Renewals Reach: High Impact Practices & Student Employment

Liz Vine’s invited paper for the 2021 Association of College & Research Libraries’ conference discusses the role of High Impact Practices through the lens of experiential learning, and with an eye towards equity and learner-centered pedagogy. The 2019 low morale study (done with Ione T. Damasco) is noted in discussions of BIPOC experiencing a dearthContinue reading “Renewals Reach: High Impact Practices & Student Employment”

Report Update: Barriers to Authenticity for BIPOC Academic Librarians (February 2022)

This update offers more qualitative data offered by respondents to my ongoing survey on deauthenticity – please participate if this topic resonates with you; and you can review earlier data here. For review, deauthentication is “a cognitive process that People of Color (PoC) traverse to prepare for or navigate predominantly White workplace environments, resulting inContinue reading “Report Update: Barriers to Authenticity for BIPOC Academic Librarians (February 2022)”

Report Update: Deauthentication Survey Results (February 2022)

This report offers an update on deauthentication, an impact factor that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) face while dealing with workplace abuse and neglect (low morale). You can review earlier quantitative reports here and here (as well as qualitative data here). Also, you can read more about this impact factor, as well asContinue reading “Report Update: Deauthentication Survey Results (February 2022)”

Introducing: A Low Morale Course for Racial and Ethnic Minority Librarians

I’m elated to announce that my partnership with Library Juice Academy has expanded to offer my new course, “Reimagining Workplace Empowerment: Reducing Low Morale for Racial and Ethnic Minority Librarians.” The four-week intensive, asynchronous course starts in May and centers my second low morale study on racial and ethnic minority academic librarians (co-authored with Ione T. Damasco,Continue reading “Introducing: A Low Morale Course for Racial and Ethnic Minority Librarians”

Enabling Systems of Low Morale in PoC Academic Librarians

[This content was originally published on July 2, 2018 at The Ink On The Page.] If you’re following this blog – or my work in general – you’re aware that I’m currently working on data analysis for my PoC Low Morale study.  After I closed the interview phase, I asked my colleague (and friend) Ione DamascoContinue reading “Enabling Systems of Low Morale in PoC Academic Librarians”

The List: Low-Morale Experience Studies

This post offers a running list of my published low-morale research. The original study (2017) and follow-up study (2019) may be behind paywalls, depending on your subscription-access to the journals. The latter studies (2021) are Open Access. Consider bookmarking this link if you’d like to follow along as my work continues. Thank you for yourContinue reading “The List: Low-Morale Experience Studies”