Renewals Reach: Fighting bullshit in academic libraries

In a succinct poster, Amanda B. Albert expands on Jane Schmidt’s definition of bullshit: “something that doesn’t really mean anything, but sounds totally legit; so we don’t ask too many questions, go along with it, and carry on.” and summarizes how these characteristics show up in LIS values, philosophy, and practice. The original low moraleContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Fighting bullshit in academic libraries”

Renewals Reach: the challenges of repository work

Ruth Kitchin Tillman has shared an intensely observational authoethnography of the challenges of repository work. Her piece starkly illuminates the affective impacts and practice outcomes of working with technology platforms that are constantly changing while trying to manage the professional (and also emotional) expectations of stakeholders invested in repository functionalities and the collections/objects they areContinue reading “Renewals Reach: the challenges of repository work”