Report Update: How Deauthentication Impacts BIPOC Academic Librarians’ Library Practice (February 2022)

This report offers an update of the qualitative data in my open survey focusing on the impact factor of deauthentication,“a cognitive process that People of Color (PoC) traverse to prepare for or navigate predominantly White workplace environments, resulting in decisions that hide or reduce aspects of the influence of their ethnic, racial, or cultural identity,  and Continue reading “Report Update: How Deauthentication Impacts BIPOC Academic Librarians’ Library Practice (February 2022)”

Report: The Renewal Presentation for AAMLA (February 2021)

Earlier this month, I facilitated a Renewal Presentation as part of the African American Medical Librarians Alliance Caucus (AAMLA)’s “Radical Wellness & Self-Care for Information Professionals” series. I’m thankful the group invited me to take part in these important conversations, which also included a focus on mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, mental health, and more. During theContinue reading “Report: The Renewal Presentation for AAMLA (February 2021)”

Renewals Reach: Humanizing library work

Barnett and Wittenstein highlight the gap between the stated American Library Association and Association of College and Research Libraries value of diversity and persistent Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) underrepresentation in the field. Using Critical Participatory Action Research (CPAR) methodologies, they created and implemented a protocol designed to discover best practices for integratingContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Humanizing library work”

Recorded: LibVoices Podcast

LibVoices hosts Amanda M. Leftwich, Jamia Williams, and Jamillah R. Gabriel interviewed me about how I decided to become a librarian. I also share ideas about the implementation of equity, diversity, and inclusion values, work-life balance, and how ego helps workplace abuse and neglect continue. “Wants keep you stuck. They are a part of self-supposition:Continue reading “Recorded: LibVoices Podcast”

Renewals Reach: Racial/ethnic diversity in music technical librarianship

In a presentation at the 2019 Music Library Association Annual Meeting, music catalogers Treshani Perera, Monica Figueroa, and Rahni Kennedy – along with Special Collections/Archives leader Sandy Rodriguez – explored the ongoing challenges of diversity, equity, and inclusion in librarianship. They contextualize these challenges within the specialization of technical librarianship (e.g., cataloging, serials, acquisitions) andContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Racial/ethnic diversity in music technical librarianship”

Introducing: A Low Morale Course for Racial and Ethnic Minority Librarians

I’m elated to announce that my partnership with Library Juice Academy has expanded to offer my new course, “Reimagining Workplace Empowerment: Reducing Low Morale for Racial and Ethnic Minority Librarians.” The four-week intensive, asynchronous course starts in May and centers my second low morale study on racial and ethnic minority academic librarians (co-authored with Ione T. Damasco,Continue reading “Introducing: A Low Morale Course for Racial and Ethnic Minority Librarians”

Published: Ethnic & Racial Minority Academic Librarians Study

My low morale study centering ethnic and racial academic librarians, which was co-authored with Ione T. Damasco  (University of Dayton), has been published in a special issue of Library Trends. The study, titled “Low morale in ethnic and racial minority academic librarians: An experiential study,” can be found on page 174 in volume 68, no.2.  UPDATEContinue reading “Published: Ethnic & Racial Minority Academic Librarians Study”

Renewals Reach: Diversity residencies

The 2017 low morale study and a presentation focusing on the Diversity Rhetoric Enabling System (connected to the low-morale experience for racial/ethnic minority academic librarians) is cited in a new book edited by Lorelei Rutledge, Jay L. Colbert, Anastasia Chiu, and Jason Alston. These editors have had direct experience with residencies designed to address persistent racialContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Diversity residencies”

Considering: Oppressed Group Behavior

[This content was originally published on October 15, 2018 at The Ink On The Page.] While analyzing data for my PoC academic librarians low morale study, I came across behaviors that seemed to fall under the realm of oppressed group behavior (OGB) – known more colloquially as “eating one’s young” the “one” being the profession and theContinue reading “Considering: Oppressed Group Behavior”

Report Update: Deauthentication Survey Results (June 2019)

[This post was originally published on June 3, 2019 at The Ink On The Page.] Late last spring I shared the original results of my deauthentication survey with TIOTP readers. The survey came out of my desire to explore this sub-phenomenon that seems to occur for racial/ethnic minority academic librarians who are experiencing low morale (repeatedContinue reading “Report Update: Deauthentication Survey Results (June 2019)”