A MicroBlog Series: Red Flags

Red Flag (noun) : something that indicates or draws attention to a problem, danger, or irregularity. – Merriam-Webster Low-morale experience data and anecdotes highlight that, for a variety of reasons, victims often discount or ignore early warning signs that co-workers (including leaders, colleagues, or direct reports) or organizations are toxic and/or harbor or promote abusiveContinue reading “A MicroBlog Series: Red Flags”

Renewals Reach: Civility Exercise at Colorado State Library

The Colorado State Library hosted a session titled “How Rude! The Price of Incivility in the Workplace,” led by Jean Heilig and Christine Kreger. Along with the course is a short exercise on recognizing and integrating civility in workplaces. This website and Renewer’s Facebook Community are included in the resources list.  Review the exercises.

Renewals Reach: Reactions to user incivility

Vraimaki, Koloniari, Kyprianos, and Koulouris explain the impetus, rationale, design, and results of a study centering incivility in academic library users in Greece. The quantitative study measures user incivility, contributing factors to incivility,  library employees’ emotional responses to user incivility, and library employees’ behavior towards uncivil library users.  The 2017 low morale study is mentionedContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Reactions to user incivility”


Title: Incivility and Dysfunction in the Library Workplace: Perceptions and Feedback from the Field. Authors: Jo Henry, Joe Eshleman, Rebecca Croxton, and Richard Moniz. ABSTRACT: Issues associated with lack of civility, less than ideal functionality and employees that may not self-reflect as much they should are all challenges in the modern workplace and libraries are no exception. The purposeContinue reading “#RecommendedReading”


Title: Emotional and behavioral responses to workplace incivility and the impact of hierarchical status. Authors: Christine L. Porath and Christine M. Pearson. ABSTRACT: Using appraisal theory, this research examined targets’ emotional responses to workplace incivility, and how these responses impact targets’ behavioral responses. Targets who reported greater incivility reported greater anger, fear, and sadness. Targets’ angerContinue reading “#RecommendedReading”