Renewals Reach: Academic freedom

Leebaw and Logsdon delve into academic librarians’ perceptions of and experiences with academic freedom protections, making links to faculty status protections and their effectiveness when librarians are challenged.  When looking at perceptions of punishment, they found that librarians’ responses had “there is significant overlap in both experiences and impacts.” Read the article.

Renewals Reach: Resisting impostor syndrome in LIS

Andrews shares the definition of impostor syndrome and summarizes the topic’s entry into LIS practice and research. She underscores that this phenomenon exposes problems in library systems, culture, and how we perceive &/or promote LIS mythologies and values – and not failings of individual library employees. Read the article.

Renewals Reach: burnout beginnings in LIS

Jade Geary and Brittany Hickey reveal the goals, methodology, and results of a unique study focusing on the relationship between working in libraries while pursing an MLIS (or equivalent) in  graduate school and the development of burnout once “formal” library work is obtained.  the 2017 low morale study is mentioned for positing burnout as aContinue reading “Renewals Reach: burnout beginnings in LIS”