Three Ways to (Re-)Establish Clarity Between Your Work and Personal Life

Happy New Year, Renewers! More of us are heading back to our workplaces this week – or have already returned and are anticipating a distinctive return to “pre-holiday operations.” You don’t have to rejoin/uphold expectations or implications of overwork (or the feelings of uncertainty or perfectionism that come along with them)! Here are three thingsContinue reading “Three Ways to (Re-)Establish Clarity Between Your Work and Personal Life”

Report: Share Your Story Results (September 2019)

Since April 2018, I have been collecting stories of low-morale experiences from library employees from all kinds of libraries. The project, called “Share Your Story,” allows people a space to write down as much (or as little) about their most impactful incidents of workplace abuse and neglect as they want to; additionally, they are ableContinue reading “Report: Share Your Story Results (September 2019)”

The Strangler: Anger.

“I have a lot of anger about the way that she has been treating me through this period. Um…and that is not conducive to my best work. But if I don’t do my best work, I know she’s just going to come down on me harder. ” – Low morale study participant (Male, acquisitions librarian)Continue reading “The Strangler: Anger.”

Renewals Reach: Wellness Models for Librarians of Color

Earlier this year, Amanda Leftwich presented a short talk at the PoCinLIS Summit at Loyola Marymount University. Her presentation summarizes the six dimensions of wellness, barriers to workplace wellness for people of color (particularly women), and offers a new model for PoC Librarians to respond to such barriers. View the presentation.