Renewals Reach: The Choice to Continue LIS Practice as a PoC

Ashleigh Coren, an archivist, summarizes the issues of emotional labor in LIS and in particular, the work of PoC archivists. She makes a case for finding joy and shares her canvassing of colleagues on how they find and practice joy in their careers even while recognizing the real problems of workplace and professional marginalization inContinue reading “Renewals Reach: The Choice to Continue LIS Practice as a PoC”

The Strangler: Anger.

“I have a lot of anger about the way that she has been treating me through this period. Um…and that is not conducive to my best work. But if I don’t do my best work, I know she’s just going to come down on me harder. ” – Low morale study participant (Male, acquisitions librarian)Continue reading “The Strangler: Anger.”


Title: Emotional and behavioral responses to workplace incivility and the impact of hierarchical status. Authors: Christine L. Porath and Christine M. Pearson. ABSTRACT: Using appraisal theory, this research examined targets’ emotional responses to workplace incivility, and how these responses impact targets’ behavioral responses. Targets who reported greater incivility reported greater anger, fear, and sadness. Targets’ angerContinue reading “#RecommendedReading”