Low Morale Frameworks

While the low-morale experience is a unique phenomenon, it can be housed within several frameworks, some of which are distinctive to helping professions like librarianship, and others that are found in the general workforce.  Ambiguous Loss – a loss that occurs without a significant likelihood of reaching emotional closure or a clear understanding. (Boss 2000; See Also, lowContinue reading “Low Morale Frameworks”

Renewals Reach: Diversity in LIS

Dr. Donna Lanclos, an anthropologist who has done (and continues to do) amazing work in LIS, gave a talk at the University of London’s Goldsmith Library. White folx have a responsibility to get specific, and stop hiding behind "diversity" https://t.co/puwHAunkyd — Dr. Donna Lanclos (@DonnaLanclos) June 30, 2018 She summarizes her talk here; her discussionContinue reading “Renewals Reach: Diversity in LIS”