Launched: Renewals Executive Coaching

A year ago on this day, I started Renewals Coaching! Today, I’m beyond excited to announce that I’m launching Renewals Executive Coaching, designed to focus on the organizational culture and performance needs and concerns of formal leaders.¬† This service expansion¬†continues its core objective of working with people seeking support while working in dysfunctional workplaces, withContinue reading “Launched: Renewals Executive Coaching”

Launched: Renewals Coaching

I’m thrilled to share that I’m adding workplace and career coaching to Renewals services!¬† Renewals Coaching focuses on 1) people who want to transition from dysfunctional workplaces or careers, 2) people who need support while working in dysfunctional workplaces or careers, and/or 3) people who have faced low morale and want to prepare for wholeheartedContinue reading “Launched: Renewals Coaching”