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Kaetrena Davis Kendrick is a researcher, author, public speaker, and the creator of Renewals. She is also lead facilitator of Renewals pathways. Her mission is to inspire authentic collegiality, and to promote well-being, share the gifts of creativity, and cultivate empathetic, engaged leadership in the workplace.

Kendrick earned her MSLS from the historic Clark Atlanta University School of Library and Information Studies. Her research centers organizational culture, ethics, and various aspects of library development. In her daily and long-term work, Kendrick has transformed library programs, services, and culture via creativity, leadership, and advocacy. In 2019, Kendrick was named the Association of College & Research Libraries’ (ACRL) Academic/Research Librarian of the Year.

Kaetrena’s Impact

Kaetrena…has established herself as an expert because of her research into low morale in academic libraries, public libraries, and libraries in general.” – Megan Hodge, Head of Teaching and Learning, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kaetrena’s research should be required reading for every [workplace] administrator, manager, etc.” – Renewals Seminar attendee

“I cannot thank Kaetrena enough for putting a name to what so many of us experience.”– Renewals Community Member

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