Book Haul: Hustle Culture Resistance


Grace, M. (2018). How to not always be working: A toolkit for creativity and radical self-careNew York: Morrow Gift.

Harris, M. (2014). The end of absence: Reclaiming what we’ve lost in a world of constant connectionNew York: Current.

Hersey, T. (2022). Rest is resistance: A nap manifesto. New York: Little, Brown Spark.

Jaffe, S. (2021). Work won’t love you back: How devotion to our jobs keeps us exploited, exhausted, and aloneNew York: Bold Type Books.

May, K. (2020). Wintering: The power of rest and retreat in difficult timesRider Co.

Pang, A.S.K. (2018). Rest: why you get more done when you work less. New York: Basic Books.

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