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Report Update: Public Libraries Low Morale Spot-Check (July 2022)

In addition to collecting low-morale spot-check data for academic libraries, I’m also gathering spot-check data for public libraries – you can review earlier public library data here. Both surveys remain open, so please participate according to your current library workplace.  Since the original report, I’ve published a low-morale study focusing on public librarians.

The following summation reflects 55 responses (up from 21 during the last report).

The following data are qualitative, in response to the query, “What issues of low morale are you concerned with?”:

These data underscore results from my public librarian study, including the impact factor of Personal Safety, along with related frameworks (e.g., vocational awe and resilience narratives) and Enabling Systems (e.g., leadership). The impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic is also evident (if you’d like to participate in my data collection project on impact of the Pandemic on low-morale experiences, you may do so here).

I will occasionally share more results as I obtain more data, so please check back!

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