Report Update: Job-Hunting during Low-Morale Experiences – Part 1 (March 2022)

Since December 2019, I’ve been collecting data about job hunting during low-morale experiences. The project explores how people who are contending with negative impacts of workplace abuse and neglect navigate job-seeking processes.  While this survey sparked my now published study on leaving low-morale experiences, I am continuing the survey. You can see the initial report and a report from Spring 2021  (be sure to follow the “Part 2” links to both reports, as well). This post shares the latest information from this effort.

Here are the quantitative results of the report, which reflects 185 responses (up from 153 in 2021):

  • 96% are currently experiencing workplace abuse/neglect (low morale);
  • 41% indicate their low-morale experience has lasted between 1 -3 years;
  • 65% are currently looking for a new job as a result of their low-morale experience;
  • 82% are searching for work in other libraries;
  • Those who haven’t yet started looking note the following concerns:
    • 84%: presence of workplace dysfunction or low morale at potential workplaces
    • 70% : salary
    • 64%: labor of job searching (e.g., writing cover letters, updating resumes, gathering references, etc.)
    • 55%: relocation
    • 51%: distance (commute)
  • Of those who have been looking for work, 70% have had between 0 and 3 interviews.

Part 2 shares qualitative results. This survey remains open, so please participate if you are dealing with low morale and have started seeking new employment.

I will continue reporting results periodically.  If you’re considering a transition from a toxic or dysfunctional workplace, consider Renewals’ Career Services.


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