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Report Update: How Deauthentication Impacts BIPOC Academic Librarians’ Library Practice (February 2022)

This report offers an update of the qualitative data in my open survey focusing on the impact factor of deauthentication,“a cognitive process that People of Color (PoC) traverse to prepare for or navigate predominantly White workplace environments, resulting in decisions that hide or reduce aspects of

  1. the influence of their ethnic, racial, or cultural identity,  and 
  2. the presentation of their natural personality, language, physical and mental self-images/representations, interests, relationships, values, traditions, and more,

to avoid macro- or microaggressions, shaming, incivility, punishment or retaliation, and which results in barriers to sharing their whole selves with their colleagues and/or clients.” (Kendrick 2018). 

Please consider participating in the survey;  and review the original report of this qualitative data.

The following selected qualitative data are responses to the one of the survey’s last questions, “How has deauthentication affected your library practice?” 

In these commentary, we see nods to the additional enabling systems that BIPOC employees deal with as they face low morale in their library workplaces, including Diversity Rhetoric, Whiteness, and White Supremacy. Read more about these additional Enabling Systems.

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