Launched: Renewals Coaching


I’m thrilled to share that I’m adding workplace and career coaching to Renewals services!  Renewals Coaching focuses on 1) people who want to transition from dysfunctional workplaces or careers, 2) people who need support while working in dysfunctional workplaces or careers, and/or 3) people who have faced low morale and want to prepare for wholehearted entry to a new organization, workplace, or industry. Renewals Coaching is grounded in my extensive research on low morale and supported by over a decade of experience helping people navigate job searches and improve their earning potential through professional communication strategies.

If you…

  • Are currently employed at a dysfunctional workplace and are seeking new employment or a career change;
  • Have recently left a dysfunctional workplace and need clarity on presenting or repositioning your skillset(s);
  • Want to make a career change and are having trouble visualizing your next move;
  • Realize you may need to stay in a dysfunctional workplace and are ready to apply self-preservation techniques or empathetic leadership strategies;
  • Need general encouragement or clarity while dealing with a low-morale experience or acute or chronic workplace dysfunction; or
  • Have recently joined a new organization after dealing with low morale and want to make strides in recalibrating self-compassion, authenticy, professional confidence, and trust as you acclimate to your new organization,

Renewals Coaching is for you. Individual and group coaching options are available. Request a consultation.

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