Book Haul: Leadership

When it comes to the causes of low-morale, leadership is cited as a high quantitative and qualitative trigger. Quantitatively, participants highlight incompetent leaders as the problem; qualitatatively, participants highlight certain leadership styles as the problem.

On the other hand, leadership is also a countermeasure for low-morale; those who practice it are more likely to regain a sense of equilibrium or control as they work to mitigate or resolve the experience.  The following short list centers various aspects of leadership – and you don’t have to wait to become a formal leader to apply what resonates with you. What books do you want to share to this list?

Brown, B. (2019). Dare to lead: Brave work, tough conversations, whole heartsRandom House.

Hamill, P. (2013). Embodied leadership: The somatic approach to developing your leadership. London: KoganPage.

Haskins, G., Thomas, M., & Johri, L.M. (2018). Kindness in leadershipLondon: Routledge.

Kethledge, R.M. & Irwin, M.S. (2019). Lead yourself first. London: Bloomsbury.

Roberts, L.M. (2019). Race, work, and leadership: New perspectives on the Black experience. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press.

Sinek, S. (2019). Leaders eat last: Why some teams pull together and others don’t New York: Penguin.

Stanier, M.B. (2016). The coaching habit: Say less, ask more & change the way you lead forever. Toronto: Box of Crayons Press.

van Dernoot, L. & Burk, C. (2009). Trauma stewardship: an everyday guide to caring for self while caring for others. Oakland: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Whitaker, T. (2012). Shifting the monkey: The art of protecting good people from liars, criers, and other workplace slackers. Triple Nickel Press: Bloomington.


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