Report: The Renewal Presentation for Massachusetts Library System (September 2021)

In late September, I was hosted virtually by the Massachusetts Library System – I led an online Renewal Presentation event for the membership, sharing the data from my low-morale studies. The event was recorded for Massachusetts Library System members for them to prepare for the subsequent Renewal Colloquia, which are slated for October 6.

Before the event, attendees were offered reflection prompts, and at the end of the event, attendees were also offered a chance to evaluate the Presentation.

Following is a selection of data from the evaluation.

Presentation Evaluation Report Highlights

Things learned or more clearly defined:

“I was familiar with Kaetrena’s research and am a follower of her on social media, but I really appreciated the time that she took to explain the low morale experience and how it manifests itself physically, emotionally, and mentally. “Work dread” is real!”

 “I had never thought of library administrators creating low morale experiences because they come from low morale experiences. Or just that they may also be having their own low morale experiences because of some of the reasons we as staff are also having low morale experiences. There was a lot to think about there.”

“I felt like the emotions we feel were validated. That we are not just a bunch of hard-to-please complainers.

Share how attending this Presentation may influence your daily or long-term library practice:

“Ultimately, I have realized over the past 18 months the value of creating boundaries and saying no to things that just don’t fit in to my daily work life. It is very important to me to not continue to feel low and burned out. I feel like this presentation (and the next one in October) will provide me with some useful tools and strategies to continue to identify what is causing my low morale and work to improve my situation.”

“I think I will see my coworkers and their attitudes through a different lens. We are all at different stages in our lives/careers and are affected differently by the circumstances we work in. I think I will be able to be there for them while I’m helping myself.”

“Just helpful to be reminded how much emotional labor our work is and that be have to be mindful of it and to take care of ourselves.”

Recovery plans (personally or at work):

“Try to make my personal life very full; continue to work only during work hours; find a better employment situation.”

“Attend 2nd renewal session for Library Leaders. Continue to learn more about this topic.”

“I have faced low morale in the past. I am not currently feeling that way, but will have tools to work on it when it rears itself again.”

Topics recommended for discussion/consideration:

“How can we deal with this from administrators? What are happy outcomes (and what actions were taken) when people have been able to get rid of the abusers?”

“How to handle those who come to me from both sides of an abusive situation. How to ease someone who has felt targeted long term and has withdrawn from the community as a result.”

Thanks to Kelly Jo Woodside for the invitation, as well as her support during the event.

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