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A MicroBlog Series: Red Flags

Red Flag (noun) : something that indicates or draws attention to a problem, danger, or irregularity. Merriam-Webster

Low-morale experience data and anecdotes highlight that, for a variety of reasons, victims often discount or ignore early warning signs that co-workers (including leaders, colleagues, or direct reports) or organizations are toxic and/or harbor or promote abusive or neglectful employees and/or systems. 

The Red Flag MicroBlog Series aims to very briefly share markers or characteristics of low-morale behaviors or organizations that may be overlooked or dismissed

As you browse the entries for this series, you’ll be inspired to look at employers, co-workers, and organizations with objectivity and be able to craft questions or note behaviors that help you better understand the interpersonal dynamics or organizational imprint – positive or negative – that may be expected of (or left on) you as a potential or current employee.

As series entries are added, I’ll list them here.

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