Book Haul: Mental Health

People moving through low-morale experiences often face a range of negative emotions and feelings, and these feelings can color how they perceive their relationships with organizational leaders, co-workers, and their long-term career outlook. The following books offer insight into recalibrating perception, emotions, and feelings. What would you add?

Carbonell, D. (2016). The worry trick: How your brain tricks you into expecting the worst and what you can do about it. Oakland: New Harbinger Publications.

Dillard-Wright, D., Spears, H.E., & Munier, P. (2012). 5-Minute mindfulness: Simple daily shortcuts to transform your life. Avon: Adam Media.

Dweck, C.S.(2017). Mindset: Changing the way you think to fulfill your potential. London: Robinson.

Holiday, R. (2014). The obstacle is the way: The timeless art of turning trials into triumph. New York: Penguin.

Weber, J.P. (2019). Be calm: Proven techniques to stop anxiety now. Emeryville: Althea Press.

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