New MiniBlog Series: Renewals Book Haul

As a practicing librarian – and also throughout my work surfacing low-morale experiences – I’ve come across several books that have not only illuminated my studies’ qualitative data, but provided deep context into the mental, physical, and emotional impacts of the phenonemon.  I’d like to share what I’ve found, so I’m starting an intermittent mini-blog series called “Renewals Book Haul (Book Haul).” 

Combined with this blog’s “Mentioned” posts, it’s my hope that via Book Haul, you will not only see the growth of scholarship surrounding emotional labor, workplace dysfunction, and compassion and empathy, but also discover and explore access to texts that deepen your understanding of how these stressors and wholehearted responses either drive or counteract workplace abuse and neglect.

Titles mentioned in the Book Haul series will be linked to WorldCat so you can locate a copy via your nearest library (if a book isn’t owned by your library, considering using their Interlibrary Loan service!).

As series parts are added, I’ll also update this post.

I hope you find Book Haul useful as you continue your discovery of, recovery from – or help someone else recover – from workplace dysfunction, toxicity, or low morale.


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