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Report: The Renewal Presentation for AAMLA (February 2021)

Earlier this month, I facilitated a Renewal Presentation as part of the African American Medical Librarians Alliance Caucus (AAMLA)’s “Radical Wellness & Self-Care for Information Professionals” series. I’m thankful the group invited me to take part in these important conversations, which also included a focus on mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, mental health, and more.

During the presentation, I offered a review of the 2019 low-morale study (focusing on ethnic and racial minority academic librarians), which I completed with Ione T. Damasco). Attendees had an opportunity to take two surveys: 

At the end of the Presentation, I also circulated a evaluation form. Following is a selection of data from the event (quantitative queries show majority responses only)

Pre-Seminar Questionnaire Highlights

 Low-Morale Experience Survey Highlights 

Presentation Evaluation Report Highlights

Other impactful evaluation responses:

“As an LIS educator, [I’ll be] addressing low morale in my courses to prepare students to recognize it, protect themselves, and push back on structures that create low morale.”

“…I’m also trying to mitigate some of the negative responses you named that I was practicing unconsciously.”

“[I’ll be working on] identifying emotions. Right before this session I had [a meeting with a formal leader] and described so many of the emotions people feel with low morale. It is a weight off my back being able to name the feeling. Thank you.”

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