Low Morale and COVID-19 in Europe: A Collaboration.

Last month I released my survey focusing on library responses to COVID-19 and how those responses are impacting low-morale experiences. This week, I was contacted by Dr. Karsten Schuldt, a Research Associate at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons in Switzerland. He asked if he could translate my survey to German in order to study poor library workplace culture in German-speaking countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein).

After clarifying some of the questions regarding cultural and social differences in American and European library practice, he shared with me that his translation was complete and that the invitation has been issued and the survey is live for colleagues in Europe (if you follow the link, note that the page is in German).

Such a collaboration spans all areas of my research interests: ethics, professionalism, diversity, and international librarianship. In addition to comparing the data regarding the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on library workplace cultures, we will also be looking at cultural differences in practice where these issues are concerned.

Watch this blog for updates on this collaboration.


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