From the January 2020 Course: Suggested Resources from Students

This post is the second of a two-part series of items I’m sharing from the third session of my course, “Deconstructing the Low-Morale Experience in Academic Libraries,” which was offered via Library Juice Academy in January 2020.

During the course, students shared resources that they have considered or that are helping them change their work culture or better understand issues related to low-morale (i.e., burnout, vocational awe, emotional labor, etc.).

Here is the full listing:

Harvard Business Review. (2019, March 12). Why are we still promoting incompetent men? Retrieved fromĀ 

Henry, J., Eshleman, J. & Moniz, R. (2020). Cultivating civility: Practical ways to improve a dysfunctional library. Chicago: American Library Association.

Jones, D. (2019). Courageous leadership. Presented at the Boston Library Consortium Networking Day. Retrieved from (keynote begins at 6:50).

King, R. (2015, Sept 5). Dharma Seed. Ruth King’s dharma talks: The Artist – formerly known as Buddha. Retrieved from

King, R. (2018, Sept. 19). Dharma Seed. Ruth King’s dharma talks: Mindful of race: Transforming racism from the inside out. Retrieved from

King, R. (2017, Sept 13). Dharma Seed. Ruth King’s dharma talks: The racial awareness rubik – what we forget but must remember. Retrieved from

King, R. (2018, Oct. 11). Dharma Seed: Ruth King’s dharma talks: Dharma talk – with Tara & Ruth: Awakening to racism through the Heart of Compassion. Retrieved from


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