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Report: Share Your Story Results (September 2019)

Since April 2018, I have been collecting stories of low-morale experiences from library employees from all kinds of libraries. The project, called “Share Your Story,” allows people a space to write down as much (or as little) about their most impactful incidents of workplace abuse and neglect as they want to; additionally, they are able to identify any emotional and cognitive effects or mental/physical health impacts stemming from low morale. Many have stated that reflecting on their experience is helpful to them, and they also remark that they hope their stories help others understand they are not alone in having this experience.

The qualitative statements in this project are highly individualized and sometimes I share these case studies in the Renewers Facebook group. Following are the quantitative results of this project at press time (64 responses). If you would like to participate, the portal remains open. I will occasionally share updates as more responses are collected.

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