From the May 2019 Course: Course Evaluations

This post is the second of a two-part series of items I’m sharing from the second session of my course, “Deconstructing the Low-Morale Experience in Academic Libraries,” which was offered via Library Juice Academy in May 2019.

Following are some summarized results of the course evaluation. The evaluation was voluntary with 31% of participants responding.

What expectations were met during this course?

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I signed up for this course. I saw taking the course as an opportunity to improve my work/low morale experience. My library leader had already failed me, as did our HR department, so what did I have to lose? This course was a revelation. I learned to trust my instincts, and I have greatly improved my willingness to move forward in my job.

“Being able to identify and name the factors at play, learn the commonalities of the LM experience, learn some tools for coping/mitigating, gain perspective.”

“The reading & presentations in combination with the reflections & forum posts truly guided me in the process of deconstructing my low morale.”

Share any items you wish were covered in this course.

“I would have wished to incorporate a few more cultural elements that I believe are part of the [overall] LIS environment; such as technological disruption to the field, and what I believe is a lack of proactive education to the community outside LIS of what we do and why it is important”

“I got what I needed. The course was perfect!”

Share something that you learned in this course or a concept that was defined more clearly as a result of this course.

I was very surprised to learn that the scope of the low morale experience in libraries was far greater than I had anticipated. Information in this area has been discussed and written about for far longer than I would have guessed. It make me wonder why we have not made more improvements in this area. I guess the best lessons are worth repeating?”

Enabling systems–very helpful in framing, gaining perspective.

Please share if any mental or emotional impacts of low-morale improved – even incrementally – as a result of this course.

Hearing classmates’ perspectives and immersing myself in the course materials has helped a lot with the cognitive dissonance, despair, and isolation resulting from my [low-morale experience.

“I feel that I am more positive about my situation at work and can be self-reliant in improving my interactions at work. I have several ideas on how I can be a change-maker and be more supportive of my colleagues who may also be suffering for a low morale experience.

How has this course impacted your career outlook and/or your approach to your daily librarianship practice?

This course helped me commit to de-centering my professional identity. I want it to be a smaller part of who I am overall.”

“Since I am [close to] retirement, I feel that this course has given me some tools that will make it possible for me to have a satisfying end of career experience in my current role.”

What are your immediate plans to continue your positive recovery (personally and/or at work)?

More self-care ; more listening ; more support of others.


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