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Webinar Release: Exploring (de)Authenticity: Impact on PoC; Implications for Practice (NCLA REMCo)

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This year, North Carolina Library Association’s Roundtable for Ethnic and Minority Concerns (NCLA REMCo) is offering a speaker series titled “Cultural Conversations.  For their final installment, I was invited to discuss an intriguing piece of emerging data on from my study of low morale in racial and ethnic minority librarians: something I call deauthentication:

… a cognitive process that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) traverse to prepare for or navigate predominantly White workplace environments, resulting in decisions that hide or reduce aspects of

  1. the influence of their ethnic, racial, or cultural identity,  and 
  2. the presentation of their natural personality, language, physical and mental self-images/representations, interests, relationships, values, traditions, and more,

to avoid macro- or microaggressions, shaming, incivility, punishment or retaliation, and which results in barriers to sharing their whole selves with their colleagues and/or clients. (Kendrick 2018)

Thanks to Jewel Davis for the invitation and for moderating the webinar and discussion.

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