One Year Up.

Today marks one year since I created Renewals, and yesterday marked one year since I created the related online Facebook community, Renewers, which now includes over 200 members.

During the past year – and via these spaces – my work on low morale has continued. I’ve done several presentations and a panel session, and I have more scheduled this year. I’ve also augmented my initial focus: while I’m keeping my eye on academic libraries, I’ve also begun working with public librarians and the general workforce, gaining grant support to do so. Additionally, I hope my work on racial/ethnic minority academic librarians will be published later this year.

In 2018, I created and taught a course for Library Juice Academy, titled, “Deconstructing the Low-Morale Experience in Academic Libraries.” In May of this year, I’m slated to teach a second session of that course. 

As I continue my work, I’m really thankful for the support and interest I’ve received so far. I will identify more ways to empower library employees who are facing workplace abuse or neglect, so please look forward to what I have in store.

In addition to this blog, you are welcome to keep up with my speaking engagements and other work here.

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