Title: Incivility and Dysfunction in the Library Workplace: Perceptions and Feedback from the Field.

Authors: Jo Henry, Joe Eshleman, Rebecca Croxton, and Richard Moniz.

ABSTRACT: Issues associated with lack of civility, less than ideal functionality and employees that may not self-reflect as much they should are all challenges in the modern workplace and libraries are no exception. The purpose of this study was to determine which issues associated with a lack of civility such as mobbing, bullying, workplace dysfunction, and lack of abilities regarding self reflection were found in the library workplace and to what extent. The data represents the feedback of 4,168 library employees through a self-reporting survey instrument designed by the authors with the help of the American Library Association. Data is both quantitative and qualitative and seeks to examine the issues addressed across all types of libraries. While useful for all library employees, this study and report are especially relevant to the modern library administrator.

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