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From the October 2018 Course: Suggested Readings from Students

This post is the third part of a four-part series of items I’m sharing from the first session of my course, “Deconstructing the Low-Morale Experience in Academic Libraries,” which was offered via Library Juice Academy in October 2018. (see Part 1, Part 2)

Throughout the course, students shared readings that are helping them change their work culture or better understand issues related to low-morale (i.e., burnout, vocational awe, emotional labor, etc.).

A full list of suggested items coming from the inaugural course follows. 

Anders, Ö. (2018). “What does “learning organization” mean?”, The Learning Organization, 25(3): 150-158. Retrieved from

Ellinger, A. D., & Bostrom, R. P. (2002). An examination of managers’ beliefs about their roles as facilitators of learning. Management Learning, 33(2): 147-179.

Emmelhainz, C., Pappas, E. & Seale, M. (2017). Behavioral expectations for the mommy librarian: The successful reference transaction as emotional labor. In T. Accardi (Ed.) The feminist reference desk: Concepts, critiques, and conversations. Retrieved from

Fowler, R. (1998). The University Library As Learning Organization for Innovation: An Exploratory Study. College & Research Libraries, 59(3): 220-231. doi:

Meulemans, Y.N. & Carr, A. (2012). Not at your service: Building genuine faculty-librarian partnerships. Reference Services Review, 41(1): 80-90. Retrieved from

Sinclair, N. T. (2017). Building a learning organization in a public library, Journal of Library Administration, 57(6): 683-700, doi:

Thanks to my students for sharing these with the community!

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