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Renewals Reach: Staff moods in European libraries

In his article, “Einige Anmerkungen zur Stimmung des Personals am Arbeitsplatz Bibliothek” (“Some comments on the staff mood in the library workplace”), Dr. Karsten Schuldt, a researcher at the Swiss Institute for Information Science (HTW Chur),  summarized three scenarios that cause negative moods to develop in library employees:

  1. Denial of workplace issues or access/employee problems by library managers or administrators; 
  2. No access to professional development; no channels for advancement/promotion; and/or
  3. No hope that poor situations will improve; people don’t know the real problems of working with too little staff or resources; the library “looks” ok so it must be “ok.”

Read more here (the original article is in German, and I think the Google Translate service does a decent job converting the article to English.)


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