Title: Emotional and behavioral responses to workplace incivility and the impact of hierarchical status.

Authors: Christine L. Porath and Christine M. Pearson.

ABSTRACT: Using appraisal theory, this research examined targets’ emotional responses to workplace incivility, and how these responses impact targets’ behavioral responses. Targets who reported greater incivility reported greater anger, fear, and sadness.
Targets’ anger was associated with more direct aggression against the instigators; targets’ fear was associated with indirect aggression against instigators, absenteeism,
and exit; and targets’ sadness was associated with absenteeism. Status moderated the effects of fear and sadness. Our results underscore the need for organizations to manage civility so that they and their employees can avoid substantial direct and indirect costs associated with workplace incivility. At a broader level, our results suggest the importance of developing greater awareness about the harmful effects of fear and sadness in the workplace.

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